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Ponzio PF152HI

Ponzio PF152HI

A mullion-transom system designed for the construction of curtain walls, roofs, and roof lights with improved thermal characteristics.

  • high thermal insulation, sound reduction, water resistance, and resistance to wind load performance values

  • the Ponzio PF152HI PASSIVE variant is certified by the Passivhaus Institut in Darmstadt (phA class)

  • solutions for steel and wooden sub constructions

  • fire-resistant spandrel solutions available (EI60 class)

  • external cover profile width - 51 mm

  • wide range of possible geometrical designs and colours

  • several types of external decorative elements available

  • “horizontal” or “vertical” line constructions

  • profile bending possible

  • Ponzio system windows may be used as filling

  • maximum filling weight - 700 kg

  • interconnected with other Ponzio systems

Ponzio PF152HI
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