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Ponzio PE78N/PE78NHI windows

Ponzio PE78N/PE78NHI windows

An insulated aluminum profile system with the Euro hardware groove as well as the PVC hardware groove in window sash profiles, designed for the construction of very high thermal performance windows.

  • high thermal performance due to the multi-cavity 42 mm thermal break and bi-component central gasket

  • large-dimension structures possible

  • wide range of available hardware

  • window sash flush with the frame on the outside

  • profile bending available

  • wide variety of corner joint solutions

  • different thermal insulation variants with different insulation inserts: PE78N+, PE78NHI, PE78NHI+

  • the warmest PE78NHI+ variant features glazing rebate insulation and aerogel profile cavity inserts resulting in Uf values as low as 0.7 W/m2K

  • wide variety of possible constructions: turn-tilt, outward opening, concealed sash etc.

Ponzio PE78N/PE78NHI windows
Ponzio PE78N/PE78NHI windows
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