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Ponzio PE78 FOLD patio doors

Ponzio PE78 FOLD
patio doors

A perfect solution for houses, restaurants, and cafes where internal and external spaces are seamlessly blended together.

  • multiple sash structures available, both inward and outward opening

  • the three-cavity design of profiles ensures good mechanical durability, enabling large constructions (L ≤ 1200 mm or H ≤ 3500 mm with a maximum sash weight of 120 kg)

  • high thermal insulation due to same width 34 mm thermal breaks in frame and sash profiles

  • special hardware ensuring end user comfort

  • wide glazing range (22 - 60 mm) enables the use of traditional as well as more specialized glazing units

  • wide range of threshold solutions

  • compatible with other Ponzio PE78N­­­ solutions

Ponzio PE78 FOLD patio doors
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