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Ponzio PE78NHI tilt-slide windows

Ponzio PE78NHI
tilt-slide windows

A three-cavity profile system with very good insulation properties.

  • sashes of large dimensions, up to W = 1650 mm and H = 2336 mm, available due to special tilt and slide hardware

  • window frame proles depth: 78 mm, window sash proles depth: 86 mm

  • 42 mm thermal break and one-component or two-component central gaskets provide good thermal parameters

  • window sash flush with the frame on the outside

  • maximum sash weight: 160 kg

  • a wide variety of corner connections

  • gaskets made of EPDM synthetic rubber

  • PE78N+, PE78NHI, and PE78NHI+ variants of the system depending on the insulation inserts used

Ponzio PE78NHI tilt-slide windows
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